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My wife and I (42) have been taking NMN for 6 months now. The effect was nice, more energy, mental clarity and both of us started looking younger. (Both of us had several coworkers tell us we looked younger, which was weird because we never talked about taking the product.) It's a dramatic game changer. DRAMATIC! We both have extreme mental clarity, energy of a 20yr old and increased muscle mass with decreased recovery time (50% or more.). Highly recommend the product. A true life changer.

– 6 month review notes

I have noticed some significant beneficial physical, biological, and biochemical benefits. Included a better immune system, better general circulation, and an increase in mental acuity. The benefits gradually appear over a period of time. I highly recommend this product.

– Excellent Product

This product seems to be working. I've been taking it for more than five days and I can feel the energy. My morning stretching is much easier, I would start breathing heavily when stretching, short of breath is not as bad as before. I'm truly hopeful that this NMN product will be the game changer I need.

– Short of breath is not as bad as before

I use this to lessen defects I picked up in my 70 years of life. I have breathing issues from being in a fire leading to scared lungs and throat. It has an effect on my cough, not gone but better. Notices more energy.

– Increase energy

I take about one pill every other day, usually the days I work out at the gym. I notice a big difference in energy level. I am able to run longer without getting tired. It doesn't give you more strength, it just makes you feel less tired, giving you the ability to work out longer and harder than usual. It's up to you to take advantage of that.

– Definitely feel a difference

Great product! Works better than others that I've tried. The 250 mg makes a difference. It packs a wallop. Will be buying more.

– Great product! Works better than others that I've tried

After about 3 months of using NMN daily, I definitely feel less joint inflammation, and have more physical energy. I'm recommending this to all of my friends and family who are middle-aged or elderly and complaining about chronic pain and lower energy levels.

– Knee pain went away after 2 months of use

I’ve been taking this product along with resverotrol. Within a couple days I could feel an improvement in energy level and mental clarity. I’m about 3 weeks into using this product and now can definitely say it makes a difference.

– Good stuff!

Based on the Anti-Ageing articles I've been reading NMN seems to be a great supplement that shows a lot of promise. I've been using it for almost a month now and have noticed some changes in my mood, alertness and focus. I'm not sure about the energy that other folks have said they felt, but I plan on increasing my daily intake and report back if and when I do feel the energy that others have express. Overall, I'm pleased with the product and benefits that I've notice so far. I will definitely continue using NMN.

– So far so good!

This NMN is the real deal. Very powerful. I felt results immediately. I feel healthier. I have more energy. I literally can’t wait to wake up in the morning so I can take it. I highly recommend this product. Thanks again!

– The Real Deal

I started this product about three week to a mouth ago and boy do I see the benefits. Initially I though the product wasn’t working, but after the second week I started noticing that I’m able to run longer distances, I feel more energized. My sleep cycle is better and on waking I’m ready to move. I’m really loving this product and will definitely be ordering more.

– Stamina level has increased

I’ve researched NMN and its physiological impact. Ive been taking the product for ~2weeks now and im very pleased with the results. Unlike some supplements that have unnatural breakdown products, NMN is bio-relevant and has no stomach irritation.

– NMN Effect

This NMN increases my physical and mental energy and facilitates a positive mood. Great product!!!

– Great Product!!!

It seems to be speeding up my metabolism. I take this in conjunction with resveratrol. I think it's the best results would be with fasting. It seems to give me a great boost of energy.

– Energy boost, speeds up metabolism and overall stress relief

NMN delivers as promised. I’ve identified a couple welcome changes. I woke feeling more alert. After approximately two weeks I started feeling sustained energy after lunch. Typically after lunch I’m a bit sleepy. I’m happy to report that I breeze through my day without feeling tired. I’m a NMN girl for life. Good product.

– Loving this product

I've been taking NR for almost a year now, and recently tried NMN. Hands down, NMN has noticeably outperformed the NR product I was taking. My afternoon deliveries would be scary sometimes because I would be fighting back the sleepiness. This NMN product has solved that problem for me. I’m exited about the possibilities.

– It works

After eating NMN for more than 10 days, the effect was very good. Especially the quality of sleep has improved over time. More energy. It's amazing, but hopefully the effect is long term and it's worth the money. Thanks to scientists for their findings. I want to help people around me.

– It has been 12 days since I took NMN and it’s GOOD

The research on Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is fascinating. Age related memory loss is a little scary for smart people. This product makes a noticeable difference in my ability to retain information. It is noticeable in many small ways: Where I left my reader, my keys, my phone, my wallet are less challenging. I was also taking pterostilbene 10-20mg and resveratrol, but there is a noticeable improvement after adding NMN. The results are not immediate, but rather accumulate over time. The results are subtle. One day I noticed I could learn and remember new ballroom dance routines again. This is my second, perhaps third, purchase of this brand.

– Improves my memory. Brain starts working again

I’ve been taking this for 3 months now. There’s definitely a boost in my energy throughout the day. People should know that there’s never a magic pill for anything. Taking any supplements also comes with a certain lifestyle. What I mean by that is: don’t expect this to work if you’re a person that doesn’t already take care of their body. Diet, exercise, sleep, blah, blah (you know the rest) are important factors. As far as living longer goes, I’ll do a follow up when I turn 150 yr old.

– There’s no magic in a bottle. Supplements come with a lifestyle change

This is amazing. Most of the supplements I am taking I do not really feel any difference. It is more a matter of belief. With this it is different. I do feel an improvement in my cognitive abilities and clarity of mind.

– This is amazing

I am on my first week and only taking half a dose just to test sensitivity. Increased energy. Face clearing up. All positive effects so far. Excited to see impact on health, weight and overall well being.

– WOW! Feel 1000 times better!

The NMN has given me increased energy with no side effects - except that my hair is now mostly brown again instead of gray! My daughter has accused me of dying my hair.

– Most effective supplement I have used

We love these!! They help a lot with mental clarity and focus... not sure about the other benefits but I have read all the research, I’m feeling pretty confident taking these.

– Great!

I love this product since I started taking it I've noticed a big difference in my energy levels and it has help me to control my blood sugar levels, I would recommend trying the the product you will not be disappointed.

– Marvelous!

For the past few years I've followed the work of David Sinclair and am happy to be able to purchase a direct precursor to boosting nad/sirt1 in the form of NMN.

– I've followed the work of David Sinclair

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